Teacher Education Has Had Its Ups And Downs In Recent Years

Although there has been some success, many of today’s teacher education programs have now failed to keep pace with the advances in technology as well as student demographics and global competition.

A report published in September 2006 stated that the vast majority of teachers are now being prepared using programs which have either low admission or graduation standards and which adhere to very old and outdated teacher education measurements.

In fact 3 out of 5 teachers (61%) have confirmed that teacher education training does not actually prepare them for coping with the realities of today’s classrooms. It was also discovered that school principals felt that their teachers were not well prepared for the use of technology when providing their students with instructions, and had difficulty in using student performance assessment methods. Plus, they were even finding it difficult to implement the curriculum set for them in order to help performance standards stay at the required levels.

But courses for teachers such as one offered at Harvard will help to provide a teacher with the tools to not only challenge their students but will also help to improve their student’s performance. This particular program prepares a teacher to deal with the specific challenges associated with teaching in an urban environment through extensive hands on training. The future teachers will also have rigorous coursework to complete and will be placed in an urban teaching environment for some of their training.

This course helps a teacher to understand just how diverse and how unique the challenges are that they will face in an urban classroom, and how to adopt new leadership roles within the school where they will be teaching. Such courses help to enhance a teacher’s passion for their chosen profession, as well as improve the lives of their students no matter how diverse they are. But those who are interested in taking a teacher education course such as that offered at Harvard need to be deeply committed and serious individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of their future students.

In addition to the aforementioned Harvard course, Central Washington University offers a course designed to help those teachers who teach all different age groups of students. They also have undergraduate programs which allow a person to minor in Bilingual Education (very helpful with the increased numbers of Hispanics now living in the US), as well as reading and second language English teaching. Additionally, if a teacher wishes, they can major in such subjects as elementary education, early childhood education or special education requirements.

So as you can see, a teacher education program is not something that anyone should consider lightly, because at the end of the day it is the student’s’ welfare which is in the teachers hands.