Presenting Your Experience

Show the resolution if you’re writing about how you got fired from a job and then you learn something from it instead of writing the essay focusing on I got fired and learned something make it focused on I got fired learn this and then utilize what I learned on my next job where I became an employee of the week for three weeks in a row you know so you show the resolution show how what you’re writing about impacted you and how they kind of carried over into the next ask that you will you know try to achieve if you’re because you know one of the topics that common app offers free write about is a failure. More about that on Edusson.

So you know I think the problem is like this grab time where you say learn from it so don’t be focused on I failed for example though focus on I lost the election for class president but then I tried my best to be you know as involved as I could make it more like I lost the election but what I learned from it is that I have to connect more with people and how I did that was I started the human rights Club and really did volunteering and I was able to get to know more people in my community and now I think that not being elected was the best thing that could happen to me.

Because now I’ve learned that when I go off to college I’ll be able to have the mindset of someone who really wants to reach out to others and help out so you know do it like that instead of I you know I didn’t get elected and then I gave it my best for the rest of the year because that she’s not as personal so show the resolution showing learn from it show you know what you did to embrace this lesson that you learned and how you’re going to use it in college because that’s what they care about how is this person going to use what they learned in high school through like life experience when they come over to our school how are they going to better our school then.

The implications that what you learned how to your life so how did what you’re writing about alter your life how could it make you change a certain thing about you how did it make you go from a lazy average student to someone who created a club volunteered for 60 hours in just one school year became a driving force behind their class committee of what you know whatever how did it alter your life how did losing your parent make you a really strong leader and so much so that you I’m going to keep going on about starting clubs but so much so that you started a club to go help orphans in a little orphanage and you brought them toys and stuff like that you know.