Metacognition- Essay Reflection Guide

Metacognition” is simply defined as “thinking about thinking.” Literally, when you write a metacognition, you are describing to the reader what exactly you were thinking throughout the writing process. Taking this final step to reflect back on your writing experience enables you as the writer to set new writing goals for the future. It is only through reflecting back on one’s past experiences that one may begin to grow.

The more you are aware of your own thinking processes as you learn, the more you can control such matters as goals, dispositions, attention, and ability. Self-awareness promotes self-regulation. If you are aware of how committed (or uncommitted) you are to reaching goals, of how strong (or weak) some portion of your writing is, and of how focused (or unfocused) is your attention to a thinking or writing task, then you can regulate more closely yourself.

Directions: After you receive back your graded essay from the teacher, reflect back on your writing experience by selecting five of the following questions to answer. Your answers should reflect depth of thought and careful consideration.

Submit your responses along with your essay revisions.

• What motivated you to make the decisions in word choices that you made?
• What motivated you to structure this essay they way you did?
• Why did you decide to make certain changes to word choices? to the structure? to the format? to the content? What do these particular changes add to the final piece?
• Are there any places during the writing process when you felt “stuck”? Why do you think this happened? How did you move through this writer’s block?
• What were the overall challenges for writing this piece?
• What do you think you did really well on for this assignment? What do you still think you need to work on?
• What was your writing process? How did you get to the final draft?
• How did you select your textual evidence?
• How did you construct a thesis statement?
• What are your writing goals for the next literary analysis essay after having completed this assignment?
• How have your writing goals changed from the beginning of the year until now?
• What have you learned about writing after having completed this assignment?
• What do you know now about writing that you wish you’d known before?
• What surprised you about going through the writing process?
• How much effort did you put into this writing task? Was it enough? Why or why not?
• Were you pleased with your grade on the essay? Was it what you expected? Why or why not?
• Was there any part of the teacher’s instruction that could have made the writing process clearer for you? Please be specific and respectful.
• How has writing this essay deepened your reading experience of the primary literary text?