Finding A Music Teacher Resource Isn’t Difficult Nowadays

Finding a great music teacher resource is no longer the chore it once was. Over the past 10 years, the development of the Internet has meant that music teachers no longer have to spend hours in libraries or music shops finding scores and arrangements for their students. With more and more resources coming online on a regular basis, not only do school concerts never need to be the same tunes repeated year after year, but music teachers can manage more bands and groups than ever before. There are resource sites dedicated to essay help, marching bands, quartets, music notation, the lives of the great composers, brass, woodwind and strings, and probably most useful of all forums where music teachers can compare notes and share tips and advice.

Where once music teachers had to spend hours transcribing musical scores and arranging them for all their students or band members, they can now download prearranged scores from the resource sites. These scores can then be printed out and distributed prior to the lesson. Of all the resources now available two in particular stand out above the rest – access to other music teachers via forums and websites, and the ability to increase your music teaching qualifications via online courses. Many people underestimate the benefit of being able to discuss problems and techniques with other teachers in the same situation. In schools there are usually only 1 or 2 music teachers teaching different age groups so there is not much opportunity to swap advice. Very often via a forum you’ll find another teacher who has had the exact same problem in the past and managed to successfully overcome it.

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass.– Howard Worona (left), Hanscom Middle School music teacher, accompanies the choir during Hanscom’s Menorah Lighting Ceremony, held at the Base Chapel on Dec. 14. (U.S. Air Force photo by Mark Herlihy)

This exchange of knowledge can be particularly relevant when it comes to music teachers. Every music teacher will have some students who are far more talented than others. At the same time they will have other students who are either lacking in motivation or who will never be able to master all the techniques required to be a good musician. In a music class all these wide ranging talents need to be formed into a cohesive group and be able to play in front of audiences during the customary school concerts. Many teachers struggle with this problem daily, but a quick read of a music teacher’s forum will reveal several methods of achieving a well balanced orchestra, band or ensemble along with other useful advice.

Many of these resource sites will also give advice on further education and useful courses for teachers. Most courses are part time and can be taken online in the teacher’s own time. These courses can lead to diplomas and even in some cases degrees, which can improve future job prospects. Without a doubt, the increasing number of music teacher resource sites can make the job of a music teacher much easier that it used to be.