Describing in Narration

We are going to talk about generating ideas to kind of help shape your essay a little bit more and this kind of goes along with the prewriting night I wanted you guys to do for last class describing the setting thinking of a particular scene is especially is helps bring the story to life more instead of talking in generalities like I you know I didn’t like to read and write when I was younger and my parents would always make me do this maybe thinking about putting us into a scene maybe instead of telling us like oh this is what always used to happen maybe put us into a scene that kind of characterizes what usually happened maybe a scene at the kitchen or scene at school something that kind of helps you that so thinking about the different settings looking at it through the different you know the five different senses sight.

What did you see around there sound what were you hearing smell feeling emotion kind of taste different types of things were you chewing gum or something like that or did you have snack anything like that this kind of goes along we were talking about before people of importance and this can be a teacher a parent a friend who really got you going with this or maybe even thinking of importance in a negative way maybe this these were people who discouraged you from going there maybe you wanted to hang out with friends a little bit more than you wanted to work on schoolwork and maybe that’s where your ideas come you know your attitude about reading and writing comes from different things like that thinking of that and the important thing here is to think about the dialogue I mean that’s gonna probably be a hard part for you guys in your essays is thinking about dialogue that you want to put in there a conversation that you had.

While we don’t remember exactly what people have said here and their characteristic dialogue is something to really think about here it’s something that was usually said or you’ve had this conversation a couple times or this is I know I know this person talks is this this way so now I will write a dialogue that kind of has this person’s voice in it and and kind of you maybe imagine some dialogue that kind of helps get your point across about what you’re talking about um while also trying to stay as true as possible thinking about plot like I said we’re trying to tell a story here that’s the narrative part of this of this essay is telling a story so thinking about what actually happened in the story you know I walked over here I said this this is what happened next instead of saying well we usually did this or we usually did that.